On October 7, 2019 as of 6 pm CDT it is reported by the Facebook Group Lakeview Estates/Highland Park Property Association: “The standpipe valve is shut we are no longer draining the lake on purpose.” Arlene Davis, self-appointed interim president of some social club using our name and likeness to illegally trespass on Lake Optimist and assume duties she is unauthorized under 10A-3-8.01 Unauthorized assumption of corporate powers.

2 thoughts on “The Standpipe Is Closed

  1. So…. There is no home owner association? But 2 waring parties over who’s in control, when no group actually is in control, yet one group wants to dictate what the others to do/think? Sounds to me like both parties have shot themselves in the foot trying to get their gun out of the holster. As a compromise; desolve both community association and create a lake optimist association. And stop this bickering and “let’s get the dam repaired, best option for silt contamination is a settling pond before the water gets into the lake it’s a lovely small lake that’s unfortunately a natural settering pond leading into a swamp. Sorry folks, but logic and common sense has been stiffled by emotions on both sides.

  2. Dennis Lassitter there is no confusion as to where the authorities lie. Please read Carl Swanton’s CCRs in the document section of this website where he refers to Highland Park may form a group for the purpose of controlling the level of the lake, hunting and fishing. Then read the Highland Park Community Association Articles of Incorporation where Highland Park residents take that authority in 1967. We are not a “warring party” we are asserting our authority and demanding Lake View West Estates cease and desist. The lake was drained only a week ago and many of your Lake View West Estates residents were not even aware that your neighborhood was doing business under our name. Many of our residents were unaware as well. It has been generally assumed through a deception that the two neighborhoods were merged. They never were. Read and understand your Lake View West Inc by-laws then you will understand what your authorities are as a neighborhood. If you find anything that gives you authority over hunting, fishing, or water management of 7201 Lakeview, Mobile AL. Please post it here for us all to see and learn together. Sincerely, I am , Sherry Lynn Gros

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