According to Allen Helms. ” There is a hole in the dam that is scheduled to be patched this week. Until it is fixed the lake will continue to drain during periods without rain. Have patience it is being patched as quickly as possible”.

There has been a breach in the dam since 2014 at least. The lake is draining because you are draining it. What are you stuffing it with this time. How many times are you going to drain this lake and stuff this hole? We need a professional report and then as a neighborhood decide what to do. I need to see your professional report. You’ve lowered the level and drained the lake six times this year? And fixed nothing? I watched you pour cement and sand down the hole two years ago. That didn’t work. and you probably broke open that pipe at the face of the dam then. You’re just guessing. This is like an abusive relationship. You keep saying, “I’m going to fix it” but instead you keep breaking it down and decreasing my property value.

Here is the state of the lake today December 4, 2019