Sherry Gros 07/15/2021

Update on the continuing battle at Optimist Lake. Defendants, Allen Helms, Ed Williams, McCusker and Davis among others continue to ignore the Court Order of Judge S Wesley Pipes, of the 13th Circuit Court in Mobile AL On Feb. 10, 2021 Judge Pipes wrote “Until further notice, Defendants are ordered to do no work on the lake, spillway, dam, drain pipe or anything related to them…”

As the Plaintiff in this case I can assure you I have received no notification that I may resume corporate duties or that they may resume construction in the area. The judge was specific when he gave exception the other day to allow defendants to lower the level of the lake just above the leak. Which should have been about 2 inches. But they have completely drained the lake to the bottom, continue to excitedly work on it as if victors upon a stronghold. They have set up camp on the dam. They have the neighborhood lathered up throwing money at them by the thosuands of dollars. Their meetings feel like a combination of Lord of the Flies and Rosemarie’s Baby with no relationship or connection to the HPca bylaws or Articles of Incorporation; totally unrecognizable as the Incorporation (because they are not the HPca). There is a 666′ right of way on this dam. There sure is a lot of evil and hate pour out of that hole into this neighborhood. I have the verbal savagery filed under Lakieleaks ready to be published just in case. If justice prevails and HPca is set right, under the law, to function as it was set up to do then peace should reign throughout the land once again.

I’m not sure why this strike force believes they can upend a judges order and then publicly flaunt and celebrate it on social media but here it is in black and white folks. The Defendants repeat time and again “you are out of your league”, “take the settlement”, “I’ve been with the Chamber of Commerce for 20 years”, “We’ll wait for the judge”, “We’ll just see what the judge says” and on and on as if they are friends with the judge. The fine for trespass and contempt must not be stiff enough to deter them. One must ask why are they getting a bye? What if the Plaintiff who was ordered to “do nothing corporate…” was to defy the Judge’s Order and do something corporate? Would the response and punishment be the same on the Plaintiff as the Highland Park Dam Commandos?

Along with insisting the HOA strike force respect the laws of the HPca, the nonprofit members corporation (owners of the dam) old sherry gros is confused and confounded at the blind eye of justice and the utter lack of regard for the law by the defendants on this particular matter.

Defendants posted on social media today:

STATUS OF THE DAM 7/15/2021 Hole is empty again. After the last round of rain the hole had filled back up. We added another 30 bags of sakerete around the hole to build up around the lip and hopefully keep water from drianing back into the hole until we can get it patched. We are also leaving the valve open to help ensure that no more water drains through the hole and keep it from expanding/deepening any further. We have filed a motion with the court for permission to do this repair. If we get this week we will hopefully repair next week.

Photo and social media post of defendants courtesy of the neighbors of Highland Park

1 thought on “Defendants Continue to Construct on Dam Despite Court Order to Suspend

  1. We have not done any work on the dam! The judge gave us permission to lower the lake below the level of the hole and that’s what we did. You’re demonic reference is offensive as well as completely rediculous. “Old Sherry Gros” is not the COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION and unless someone on this page can correct me is a group of two. By the way, I loved your reference to Faith in your diatribe that you submitted to the judge. Might want to go back and read your original complaint that aledged that it was not a legal name change and that she was not a legal member of the association. Keep throwing crap against the wall and maybe you’ll get something to stick. Doubt trying to tell the judge how to do his job vm or saying that he is not doing it is probably not a good idea.

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