by Sherry Gros


In Mobile Alabama so it continues between the HOA, the HPCA, and Sherry Gros (plaintiff) over the Optimist Lake Dam and this portion of the Dog River Watershed. In an expected decision today before lunch the Court issued an order to grant the HOA’s Defendants custody to make temporary repairs to the dam. “Well they’re off to the races now.” speaking of the defendants, said a neighbor who asked not to reveal their identity.

“From what I’ve seen they (the HOA) never stopped playing with the dam in one way or another. When the judge allowed them to lower the water to the level of the leak a week ago they opened the standpipe and drained the lake.” Said another.

“Defendant’s motion to make temporary repairs to the dam is granted.” said Judge Pipes in his order today.

It appeared sometime over the weekend the breach was patched and the standpipe may have been lowered a little. Hard to tell because there is no independant oversight to what these folks are actually doing and they aren’t exactly forthcoming to anyone who isn’t part of their HOA. But the lake is filling up with each rain and appears to be no longer draining out.

It is unclear who may have patched the breach. Although a social media post from Friday says it may have been an HOA member who stated, “Those of us not in a lawsuit have every right to patch the dam so let’s do it.”

The Lake has been filling up since Sunday night, well before Judge Pipes order to allow the Defendants to do temporary repairs on the dam. This video taken 07/20/21 11:00 am

“The court case could take a long time to sort out why not just patch the hole for the time being.” a neighbor.

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