Notice of annual HPca meeting of members to be held on May 30, 2022 at the discretion of the President. This is a preliminary notice. Another notice will be posted not more than 10 days prior but not less than 3 days prior to the meeting so stay tuned. We have 5 members currently including: one censured, one non participatory, and three active. Sadly one member, Paul Pouncey went to be with the Lord last year. Since the destruction of the dam last year no known action or activity has taken place from any group to restore the dam. I do look through the grants that would apply to restore the dam but am hesitant to act upon them at this time for lack of support from Highland Park residents. If anyone in Highland Park is interested in becoming a member of HPca to work toward the restoration of the dam please message us here or on Nextdoor. if there is no participation everything will stay the same as it was last year. Members please send in your processing and membership fee of $1.00 annually if you wish to remain on the membership roster. ~Sherry Gros President HPca

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