by Sherry Gros, Citizen Journalist for the Highland Park Review

February 25, 2023

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Highland Park Community Association is heading up the Environmental Impact Assessment for Lake Optimist 2023. The purpose is to guide Highland Park residents and stakeholders through a thoughtful development process regarding the Lake Optimist watershed/wetland restoration project. Using practical, affordable, and environmentally responsible options as instructed by Federal, State and local legislations. i.e., the EPA, US Army Corps of Engineers, FWS, UFS, ADEM, MAWSS, HPca bylaws, etc. We will have local area experts join us to speak on topics of interest about the best ways to rebuild. Sherry Gros is the lead volunteer for this Environmental Impact Assessment for Lake Optimist. She comes to us with a B.A.E.S., and years of volunteer environmental projects around the United States. If you are interested in hearing more about this dynamic, interactive EIA at Lake Optimist please contact our email: – Find our ND Group here: find our website here: Stay tuned for our first live stream in March. How fast or slow this EIA progresses depends on this TEAMwork, your input, and participation. Can we count on your positivity and talents? This is a No Drama Zone but please bring your stakeholder concerns and environmental passion to the table!