Dear Lakeview West and Highland Park Supporters, First, thank you for throwing hearts my way. I really do appreciate the love from this neighborhood. I must report, Today Allen Helms has reported me for using a false name on NextDoor app and has had my account banned indefinitely. This is a personal and petulant attack on me because Allen does not want me voicing my point of view in public (nothing new for the HOA group). I am appealing it. The name I use on NextDoor App is Lynn Gros. ND is a very small audience for this local topic regarding the dam. I have the website, the facebook page, the youtube channel, and few other means of communicating to area residents about what’s going on around here. Also, I am in the process of raising money to start a monthly newspaper to all Highland Park Homeowners and for those who wish to get the local subdivision news. I am also developing an area erosion map for our watershed area, working on the Environmental Impact Assessment for area agencies consideration, and gathering support from area locals who like me believe that we can rebuild this watershed/wetland to the best possible standards offered us today. Allen Helms ideas and processes are keeping too many of us stuck in anger, fighting and bitterness and is getting none of us anywhere. His ways are as you see an exercise in futility that have brought us to where we are today with a destroyed and destructive, malfunctioning watershed. It has lowered our property values, driven neighbors from the area, and caused fear and confusion in many. I refuse to work with the people who have attacked me, threatened me, vandalized my society and my home and refuse to operate under any law or accountability. Know I am working and have been for two years to restore this watershed. Because I really do believe water is vital and environmental issues are solved at home first. I pray for your help and support in whatever way you can. If you have any questions please reach out. Thanks again. 🌞🌻 I will never quit fighting for this watershed.

Sherry Lynn Gros

As of 4:30pm 2/28/23

Nextdoor has restored my account and my posts. I thanked them.