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     Laws mean something. Laws bring order to society where there would otherwise be chaos. Laws protect us when applied as intended. Laws need due process when updated or amended. Laws are to be cherished not ignored. Now more than at any other time in the history of our country it's up to you and me to stand together at the local level to uphold our laws which starts with the bylaws of the HPca. We must repel anyone wanting to disregard them as if they are unapplicable or unenforceable.  Please be part of a lawful, ethical community so that we move forward together in an orderly fashion to restore Lake Optimist. Uphold the laws to restore common decency  and the orderly structure that was intended for our neighborhood. Highland Park Subdivision and HPca members have been entrusted with the care of the watershed and is the Steward and Guardian of Lake Optimist but only if we can uphold the laws, each of us individually and together. I am offering these bylaws on demand and free of charge. Read them, study them, cherish them. Thank you.

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