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Well it’s Official. Allen Helms said today “based on all indications” the Judge is voting 100% in their favor to own the Highland Park lake and land and run their Board of Directors as they wish as if it were an HOA. If Allen says it then it must be true! So, hang on to your pocketbooks everyone they are coming after you for your dam rehabilitation and repair money. And beings the HOA will be voted in by “the community” and “ratified” by the court you will be an HOA at the strike of some midnight Central Time in the future very soon. According to Allen Helms they are going to keep Attorneys on staff to make sure you comply. Better Wake up and Speak up Highland Park silent majority residents. “Oh it’s only $100.00 a year.” you say? No, they are going to ding you for these drainage repairs. They will conscript you for generations. Think of an HOA as an International Harvester and you are an ear of corn. Speak out AGAINST this HOA takeover now or we’re all going to get shucked!

Below is a copy/paste from the post on Nextdoor App by Allen Helms. Posted 08/07/2021. My responses are added here in red letter for the purpose of my commentary and from my personal perspective.

Allen HelmsHighland Park

A call for New Board of Directors Candidates. Community elections are just around the corner. Based on all indications, the judge will rule that the present association has standing and will be allowed to continue to operate as we have for 30+ years.

Ummm. The “standing” to be determined is whether Sherry Gros has standing to bring her complaint before the 13th District in formal proceedings. This is just preliminary hearings.

As soon as the judge rules we’ll have an election. Insurance is now in place that will protect any future Board Members from legal peril.

Mkay. Ummm. You’ve had this the whole time. I called the insurance company last year and they told me your HOA insurance coverage was for liability insurance for the HOA. They told me it did not cover and never covered for injuries on HPca land i.e. the dam etc. Which is why you have Rederick Nelson as your attorney because he’s from the insurance company, the LAKE insurance company. The one your HOA members paid for. I’ll bet they’re glad they got that insurance.

We need an all-new Board of Directors, as one thing is sure the self-proclaimed “Owner of the Lake” has worn this BODs out.

Our Directors will remain committed to HPca, Inc. and hopefully we will be successful in recruiting qualified individuals in the coming year.

Don’t get us wrong, we are committed to:

• Getting the Standpipe repaired and helping to develop a long-term solution.

• Developing a way to at least stop the flow of sediment into the head of the lake.

• Keeping counsel retained until all corporate documents are revised so that another renegade person cannot twist things around and try another takeover.

How long have you been working on the same problems over and over and you are still stuck at the beginning. My goodness something seems to be not working here.

• Making sure we legally merge Highland Park and Lakeview West so we are clearly “one” with all homeowners having equal standing. We’ll be calling a meeting, both conventional and virtual, to plan the election and a path forward as soon as the judge publishes his ruling. (Estimated at less than a month)

There’s that word MERGE again. What they really mean is “HARVEST” and whether they realize it or not they are trying to convert the HPca business model to an HOA business model.


Speak out now before its too late! Tell the Judge You Want the HPca Board of Directors lead to publicly administer and abide by the HPca Articles of Incorporation!

Because unless the Board of Directors of HPca operate legally under the HPca Articles of Incorporation we cannot qualify for grants to rebuild the dam. The HOA does not operate under HPca bylaws or articles of incorporation.

HPca has been working on grants to restore and rebuild the dam From October 2019 until February of 2021 when we were enjoined by the defendants to stop working! Over 2 million dollars has rolled off our desk passing the grant deadlines that we were not able to submit. We have had an honest dam safety inspection this last month by a real engineer not an imagined one like that of Allen Helms group. I for one am tired of the lake draining. My skillset to do this job is unique and well suited to this neighborhood. I am a resident of Highland Park Subdivision. I am trained and experienced to do this job which makes me qualified to this administrative position. Being enjoined in any way by the defendants makes it more painful for me to watch the shenanigans that are destroying this dam when I know how to fix it. They are not fixing OUR dam. They have never fixed it. They are systematically tearing it dam down by not doing the repairs properly. they are systematically tearing it down by not allowing the HPca to operate under its Articles of Incorporation lawfully. They want one thing, an HOA and they are using the dam against you to move in that direction. Don’t fall for it. Send a postcard. ~Sherry Gros


  1. We believe Allen Helms thinks the Judge is ruling on something to do with who can operate their organizations in Highland Park. But as we understand it the Court is ruling on individual standing to bring the case formally before the Judge. I do not understand or know what Allen is celebrating but we’ll “Ride this Tide”.

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