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To become a voting member of HPca your application must be approved by the HPca Board of Directors. Otherwise you may be appointed by the current President of HPca.
HPca General Guidelines and Waiver of Liability
I agree to the General Guidelines and Waiver of Liability: Park participants, volunteers, guardians, guests, and deeded free access landowners of HP Subdivision, agree to be bound by the following terms: Rules and waivers as posted by Highland Park Community Association, Inc and posted by Highland Park Community Gardeners Group. Be informed. This is a waiver of liabilty to hold HPca harmless in any case. Waivers of liability must be signed annually by all park attendees. Enter all HPca properties at your own risk. Minors must be accompanied by adult 18 yrs or older, Drug Free Zone – zero tolerance. No smoking, drinking, drugs, foul language, violence, or exposure allowed in the Park. Pets must be under full control of their owner unless otherwise permitted. Park closes at dusk. No parking overnight. No parking without permission from HPca. Park activities must be scheduled through HPca by calling 251-222-4966. Trespassers will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.