Sherry Lynn Gros for The Highland Park Review

May22, 2023

****THANK YOU**** HPca Annual Members Meeting for 2023 is in the books. Thank you all for coming. Amanda Pouncey has 100% attendance since 2019 and HPca thanks Amanda for her loyalty and commitment to the restoration project. We have come to know we can count on Amanda when we need her. We also thank our donors “Friends of the Lake” who donated their time and money to support our grant effort. We couldn’t do it without you. Thank you Friends! Our grant application for the technical assistance portion of our restoration project has been accepted by the grantor agency. We now wait to receive an award letter in a few weeks when our request is officially approved. We hope to build an efficient watershed system to support and accommodate the amount of water this land receives from the surrounding 1445 watershed and storm drainage during the most saturating and highest water fall events in our area. #1 Priority is to assist in the healthy and lawful functioning of the HPca so that it can provide for the land proper. #2 To uphold the environmental laws and the laws of The United States as they pertain to the HPca land. 3. To accommodate, protect, and preserve the wetlands, wildlife and restore the diverse migratory bird stopover. #4 To work with local officials keeping them aware of the special environmental status of our area as it pertains to roads, bridges, and drainage. #5. To provide a pleasing and aesthetic, recreational environment to the surrounding areas. Last but not least, the Environmental Impact Assessment is being assembled and is expected to be completed by end of year 2023. I cite arthritis slowing the process. If you are interested in becoming a member of HPca please send your letter of intent to and share with us how you can help HPca.