If you are interested in becoming a Highland Park Community Gardener please text Sherry Gros at 251-222-4966. We’re going to have lots of fun merch, prizes, and fun.. The idea we are developing here is this: Each home in Highland Park Subdivision will commit to grow at least one garden plant in their front yard or on their porch where it can be seen by the public to support growing fresh fruits and vegetables in our yards. You will have access to master gardeners, and support in growing your plant. All subdivisions in Mobile are welcome to participate in celebration of our annexation into the City of Mobile. In future we would like to sponsor “Grow Offs” i.e., who can grow the biggest pepper, or tomato, or edible of their growing choice. Lots of prizes, merch, and fellowship. Signups are here. https://highlandparkcommunityassociation.com/timeline/ Highland Park Community Gardeners — We Grow Love

Highland Park Community Gardeners — We Grow Love