Current President: S.L. Gros (2019 – Present)

Highland Park Community Association was Incorporated on April 24,1967. What is today known as 7201 Lakeview Dr , Mobile AL was donated by landowner and real estate magnate Carl Swanstrom to the Board of Directors of HPCA, Inc. This land includes Lake Optimist in Highland Park Subdivision and the East Park. Later in 2001 the Swanstrom sisters donated permanently west side access to the lake via lands donated to HPCA through lot 32 on Lakeview Dr West. There is also some donated land from Calvin Weaver in 1988 from Lakeview Dr West but it isn’t clear how he owned it as of yet so we have to find the paperwork on that. But clearly the west side access land is donated to HPCA in thought, word, and deeds.

HPCA, Inc. is responsible for the management of the parks, lake, dam, and spillway according to its Articles of Incorporation. You can find them recorded in Real Prop 750 page 896 filed with Judge of Probate in Mobile AL. Or you can request a copy by emailing us at


Lake Optimist , is solely owned by Highland Park Community Association, Inc. In 1967 Carl Swanstrom deeded Optimist Lake, its submerged lands, the dam and spillway along with other property to Highland Park Community Association. Reference: Real Prop 764 Page 760