Current President: S.L. Gros (2019 – Present)

Lakeview/Highland Park Community Association was Incorporated on April 24,1967. Optimist Lake is a reservoir of the Milkhouse Creek that is a tributary flowing into the Halls Mill Watershed to the Dog River Watershed, to Mobile Bay, and into the Gulf of Mexico. Optimist Lake Dam provides a buffer for downstream wetlands from 1445 acres of drainage and stormwater runoff.

LHPCA, Inc. (HPca, Inc) is responsible for the management of the park, lake, dam, and spillway according to its Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation. You can find them recorded in Real Prop 750 page 896 filed with Judge of Probate in Mobile AL. Or you can request a copy by emailing us at

Optimist Lake at Milkhouse Creek in Mobile Alabama , is a reservoir of the Dog River Watershed. It effectively buffers surrounding protected wetlands.