by Sherry Lynn Gros for the HIghland Park Review

April 26, 2022

Look at the millions of dollars in monies awarded by Mobile County Commission in the link below. There is no reason in this world why Highland Park Community Association, Inc.’s dam and parks could not have been a benefactor of this program’s monies if HPca not been hindered by the fake hoa people by running riot in our neighborhoods. Had everyone behaved like ladies and gentlemen and stood in line politely for this grant money we would have a nice restored park system by now. Lake Optimist and parks are a watershed that is protected under the Clean Water Act and the MS4. Not to mention there are private lakes and dams that get federal, state, and local assistance all day long every day here in the United States.

Optimist Lake Dam was originally a public works project in the late 40’s. Then during the Langan era a statewide watershed project was declared which gave rise to Langan Park, Big Creek Lake, and yes, even Milkhouse Creek was held in esteem for future water use for the City of Mobile. The idea of “private lake” comes from the historical records that Highland Park was once an “all white” neighborhood thus making the swimming area private. The private or all white swimming area went away with the anti discrimination housing act of 1968 which is one reason why Carl Swanstrom, the developer of HIghland Park, sold the park and submerged lands to HPca in 1968. Many developers of the day didn’t want the legal hassle so they filled in their swimming areas or sold them off. The waters of Lake Optimist are actually public waters protected under the Clean Water Act. If the fake hoa would please stop rioting and allow HPca to operate unhindered to properly administer the law according to their authority then grant money could come to the park, dam and watershed system restoration more beautiful than you ever thought possible. HPca is looking for interested persons willing to form a citizens action group to work together to make this restoration possible.…/several-arpa-projects-selected…/

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