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In the next few days I will be catching up with the more “corporate” aspect of the news that has been piling up since February. The dismissal of “The Very Convoluted Case” is out of our way for the time being and everyone is free to go about their business for now.

Below is the brief story of the issue of the neighborhood code. It is used, according to the Mobile Revenue Commission, to compare like property values. It is used only for that reason by MRC and does not assign ownership says Mr. Downing of the MRC.

I use the MRC database to sort the addresses by subdivision for HPca mailing lists. When they changed it, it affected my work as well so I protested it by email to MRC. I explained why I needed it changed back and the MRC graciously changed it back. In the meantime I was in the throes of battle with this blurring of the subdivision boundary lines with the neighboring HOA so the timing made it feel quite conspiratorial. Probably a coincidence but unfortunate and weird timing. But all good now.

Below is an excerpt from an email I sent to the commission explaining the reason I wanted the change back. Thanks to the Mobile Revenue Commission for doing this changeback it makes my life a lot easier and prevents public misunderstandings along the way.

Dear Mr. Downing:

While updating my address database for Highland Park Community Association late in 2020, I noticed a change in the neighborhood code from Highland Park to Lakeview.  It appears the change was made in 2019.

I contacted Mr. Daugherty in the mapping department by phone to ask why the neighborhood code (NBC) was changed from Highland Park to Lakeview instead of the other way around?   

The summary of our conversation was that the NBC was used for your eyes only in the mapping –  tax assessor’s rooms to group together “like” property values. Also, the state of Alabama is wanting less NBCs in their database and are working on a UDC project now in the development process.

Mr. Regan, for the record, I want you to be aware that I am protesting to you this specific change from Highland Park to Lakeview because blocks 4,5,6,8, and 9 of Highland Park Subdivision are unique as an identifying name and defines the Highland Park residents used for the specific purpose of creating a pool of individuals allowed to become members with voting rights of the corporation Highland Park Community Association, Inc. (HPCA) according to its bylaws and articles of incorporation.  HPCA, Inc. is the owner of 7201 Lakeview Dr, Mobile Alabama 36695

Red Commentary added for the purpose of this post and is not part of the original text. 7201 is the address of the West Park on Lakeview Drive West. 7151 is the address of the park on Lakeview Drive East. That’s another story.

If you lump Highland Park into Lakeview it will create the confusion of eligibility to the lake authority and ownership of the land that we have worked so hard for the last few years to bring about understanding regarding this issue.  It is Highland Park that owns the submerged lands of the lake  along with the dam, spillway, standpipe and park.

We have managed to keep the Lakeview name from gobbling up and overtaking Highland Park at great expense and would appreciate it if you would please dedicate the neighborhood code as  “Highland Park” to blocks 4,5,6,8, and 9 accordingly. In this case Mr. Regan, the neighborhood code name is of utmost importance to HPCA, Inc.  Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at 251-288-4491 or the email is or my personal email at

Again, Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter. 


Sherry Lynn Gros, President

Below are screenshots of Lakeview Drive East and how the changes were made over time. The Highland Park neighborhood code should roll back on effective 2022 but I can still sort the mailing list by changing the year on the database and working from that year.

Mailing lists are important to serve notices to active members of Highland Park and stakeholders when needed. The MRC database is often the most updated list of property ownership on public record. HPca uses this database to work more efficiently.

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